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Anycode is a small team of professionals who find joy in writing minimal solutions to some complicated problems.

Open Source Products

Anycode, in partnership with QUT student groups, proudly produces and maintains a range of GNU GPL v3 licenced products that support small business operations and management. We believe that software freedom is critical for small businesses to connect more, integrate more and retain ownership of their data and intellectual property.

Please support and make contributions to our free-software products, and use them; they're free! Anycode also encourages you to use these works as components of your own GNU GPL v3 licenced products. Keep free software alive.

You are free to self-host and take advantage of many hours of sweat and toil, culminating in what we know are industry-leading products provided to you so that you can take your small business further than ever before. If hosting and building your own tools isn't quite your cup of tea, Anycode will also host each finished application as its own premium stand-alone product for a thriftily priced monthly subscription which will also aid further research and development into our open and free-software product suite.

Your interest in Anycode and our product suite is truly appreciated. X0X0X0


API First inventory management for products/resources/services.

Arriving Summer 2022


API First/Mobile First staff rostering and check-in web application.

Arriving Summer 2022


API First/Mobile First staff commission calculator and integrated approvals.

Arriving Summer 2022


API First/Mobile First customer CRM with all the right connections.

Planned for Autumn 2022


API First booking calendar with integrated point-of-sale invoicing / time-billing solution.

Planned for Autumn 2023


API First/Mobile First multi-platform social media publishing platform.

Planned for Autumn 2023


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